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If I changed son to daughter and went up a year in age, this could be me writing about Jessica!! She started the Heelys yearnings last spring, escalated at Christmas and went into full blown obsession for her birthday. I'm sure she was positive that SOMEBODY would buy them for her. She still points them out pretty much daily. Did you realize that she is the one and only child in the entire school without them? She insists its true.
We got her the inline skates, but she returned them for a Razor scooter. Thankfully, she LOVES her skooter.
I see the inside of the ER enough, the nurse who first saw Jess when she got stitches told her that Heelys and trampolines are the two most dangerous play things. Impressed me. Jess? Not so much.
Can you imagine our lives when these kids want CARS?? oy!


Very funny.

Hope he loves the skates.

We had a similar phase wherein our four year old was eying the neighbor's scooter and we went for the bike instead.

And, sadly, never heard of Heelys before. Guess we're REALLY lame.


Buy the Heelys, when he falls and brokes something, you can say "I told you so".Don't pass up a chance to teach the boys a lesson.


I saw a kid in my neighborhood who had them. I want a pair for myself!


My kid had the first incarnation of them (sneakers w/four retractable wheels). Boy should learn to kiss up to Aunt Janie.


Donna - Where do rollerblades rank in the emergency room?

Kelly - You'll here of Heelys soon enough.

Terry - You've lost any chance of that "Aunt of the Year" award.

Yoko - Not you, too!

Janie - The new frontrunner for "Aunt of the Year."


Aunt Janie is a suck up.


Whatever works... I'm not too proud...

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