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Have fun in Ahhnoldland.


it never does rain during the year except late december and january. THEN it "rains" (also known was light spray of water that no one can avoid since umbrellas tend to be useless as it seems to rain from the sides not from above)

Dan Buell

I moved here (So. Cal) last September and am happy or not so happy as it turned out to be, that it rained the entire month of December - every day, didn't see the sun at all... I think May was the same way if I recollect. June & July were hot wiht average temperatures between 95 - 110 degrees but right now... Best weather in America the last few days!



Well, the temperature really depends on where you are. If you keep to the coast it will never get really hot, now El Cajon on the other hand...that's Hell.

I did hear from a sibling that they were having crazy weather this year. I wonder if Joe Lizura was still saying "another sunny day in San Diego" Maybe the heat affected the June gloom too?

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