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Mark, I was SO thinking it was you when I saw that announcement the other day...you won? Great! Congrats.


I took the girls and some of their friends to Rita's and they got their free water ice. I sat in the car with a nice, hot coffee while they all waited in those lines. On the way home, I was talked into stopping at Dunkin Donuts where three of the kids got free iced Lattes. Not me, coffee is meant to be hot.

I was bummed that I missed the free Starbucks giveaway last week. They aren't as generous, only giving away tall coffees from 10-12 when most people are at work.


The line at the clementon ritas was atleast 45 people long. a water ice is like 1.95. i figure, ill wait until i actually want one.


Last year we had to wait a little while, but this year we had three different people ask if we were being helped.

Next year try the Westmont Rita's (or just pay the buck fifty).

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