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I hate when that happens.

Seriously, take it easy today -- you might have one of those dizzy viruses.


I'd like to say I didn't notice the same thing when I saw that video on the news yesterday... but I did. Still, if you love cheap, crappy beer really shaken up, it's a phemomenal invention.

Anyhow. Good job passing on on the bathroom floor. At work. I'm sure no one will be talking about that when you come back.


Hey Dude. I hope that you're feeling better. Kudos to the missus for rescuing you.


I must have missed the part where you say you got checked out to make sure you're okay.

Oh, and you didn't crap yourself when you passed out, did you?


Man, that's no good. Hope you're feeling better...and I see that later you say it's lack of sleep. Visit a doc tho...guys don't do that...but need to.We want many years of the most clever headlines in blogdom.

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