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Lemon meringue?


Yeah, not what I would normally go for, but the only other choices were pumpkin(?!?) and coconut. If I had planned better I would have stopped at Le Bus.

Jim Donahue

T-day tradition be damned--pumpkin just doesn't belong in pie. Bleh.


Pi(e) squared?

You make me sad.

Sherri W.

This marks me as the profound nerd-girl that we all already know I am....

But your celebration made me laugh---even and especially the "pie squared"!


I caught a story about Pi Day on All Things Considered the other day. They had the guy from Upper Darby who's the world record holder for Pi recitation. Apparently he (only) made it to the 12,887th digit...


Oh yeah, I meant to leave this link for you. It's got audio and everything.

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