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Mighty Boognish

I've had Sky Blue Sky (the complete album) in my CD player now for at least 2 months, maybe 3. It's one of those "lifted" copies from an internet audio stream. But I've also got the CD+DVD combo pack on pre-order from Amazon. Wilco are worth every penny. The music is just amazing. Personally, I don't think a band like Wilco will suffer much, financially, due to pirated copies. Their core fan base WILL buy the album. People who downloaded it without paying for it and then don't buy it are the ones who wouldn't have bought it in the first place. I think Tweedy is wrong here. I think fans will be disatisfied with the low-fi copies and won't think twice about buying the disc. I suppose we'll know for sure by week's end when the SoundScan numbers come in...


You should get the vinyl from wilcoworld:

"As a bonus, each vinyl copy will also include a copy of the album on CD"

..that's what I did anyway (and the T-Shirt...)

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