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hmmm...Janie never emails ME about my trip....

Is it true you got a souvenier pair of rainbow boxer shorts?


You forgot to mention how I tried to warn you that Miami had the nastiest road rage problem of any major U.S. city.

I believe I TOLD you not to do Miami. You should have sprung for Key West. You would have loved the architecture, beaches and night life there. It was well worth the drive from the Miami airport. I'll let you know what I think of Siesta Key (near Sarasota) next spring when I go.

SO Donna, how was your trip to Europe THREE YEARS AGO!?


One day ask Keith about his day on Ocean Drive and the guy who followed him for two blocks after asking if he would like to go to a "party" with him. And the cop who did not seem to care that some wacko was inviting my 16 year old son to a "party".


Wow, that is a great set of photos! And I like the post title, too. :-)


Janie..how nice of you to finally ask! I'll gather up the photo albums and head over.


wait...first of all...Aunt Donna...where di you go? Youve never mention (or shown 9879 pictures) of any trip.

Second, I comiserate...when we had a layover in Miami on the way to aruba it was a 35 minute walk (they actually post that information) and absolute mayheim. I suggest next vacation forgo to states and go to Aruba. very very worth it!

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