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Jim Donahue/The Velvet Blog

I haven't heard the Kim Richey album yet, but since you brought it up--one of the songs is co-written by Bill DeMain, who is half (along with lead vocalist Molly Felder) of one of my fave pop groups, Swan Dive. They're virtually unknown here (save for one appearance on Conan), but are, for reasons mysterious even to Bill and Molly, very popular in Japan and South Korea.

I highly recommend the group's "Circle" (unreleased in its original form here, but available on iTunes) or "Swan Dive" (an American release that takes about three-quarters of "Circle," chops off a few tracks, and adds others).


They did ask the ballpark's head janitor... you must have missed it while you were blogging.


And no doubt the janitor thought that Barry did enough to earn a spot in the Hall of Fame before he started bulking up and that the fans must love him or they wouldn't have voted him in or that, who knows, maybe everyone does 'roids or that Willie Mays likes him, that should count for something or that poor Barry's just a misunderstood guy.

By the way, I cannot watch the All-Star game without thinking of when we used to watch it down in Ocean City. Back then I rooted for the AL (big Angels fan) and the NL kept winning them. Now I root for the NL and the AL's on a roll.

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