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Jim/The Velvet Blog

If it helps, I signed up yesterday and paid $5. I never bought the magazine before, though I've seen it at Barnes and Noble.

If I like it and want to resubscribe in a year, I'd pay the full price.


I'd pay half...

Dang... I hope this catches on (say, for instance, at ShopRite).


Pay $5 or $10, and up the amount if you decide you like it and want to continue for next year.

Love Consumer Reports. and I don't get Radiohead, either.

Jim/The Velvet Blog

God, I'm a cheap bastard.


Plenty of large-circulation magazines offer $9 new subscriber rates to draw people in -- I can think of at least 3 different pubs I subscribe to now that sucked me in that way. It maintains that magic single-digit number (where you feel like, if I can't come up with $9 for something that makes me happy, I might as well just pack it in now), while still getting close to the equally magic $1/issue mark where you don't feel like they're actively losing money in postage every month.

$9, guilt-free. Go for it.


So what did you decide? (I love Radiohead, and the band got more of my money than Paste did.)

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